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Marisa Jordan

Marisa Jordan

Broker Associate
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In such an insane world, I find being in sales for 15+ years relationships are what always will remain, so taking care of them is my number one objective, this is why I make it my goal to show up and change the idealism that salespeople have an alternative motive and are not putting the client first. The connection between a realtor and their clients is very intimate. I am proud to say I myself have been able to build trust with every one of my clients. No matter how cliché this may sound just meeting me once, I can guarantee you will feel like we have been friends forever! As a very versatile person, growing up in Denver Five-Points and living in many different cities here in beautiful Denver Metro makes it so easy to empathize with most people and their situations. I love people... well I love my fur baby a whole bunch too! LOL.


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